Google Lies

I don’t understand why Google is always lying about me. It says:

  • Jonathan Bishop is the band director at Freedom Middle School in Canton, GA – No I’m not
  • Jonathan Bishop is married No I’m not and never have been
  • Jonathan Bishop is a fifth generation co-owner and Farm Manager, responsible for production, harvesting, and warehousing of all crops on the farm – No I’m not – I may have once run a company making bee products, but I’ve never run a farm
  • Jonathan Bishop is an Internet Marketing Specialist at Magicomm, LLC in Amesbury, MA. – No I’m not! – I’m a director at Glamorgan Blended Learning Ltd, and Chartered IT Professional Fellow of the BCS
  • Jonathan Bishop, is creating the enchanting ‘Merlin’s Cave’ in association with 3 Shires Garden Centre – No I’m not and never have – gardening may be an interest of mine, but I’ve not done this
  • Jonathan Bishop is a resident of Essex Massachusetts – No I’m not – I may be on the reading list of the Autism Theory and Technology course there, but have never set foot in the US state
  • Jonathan Bishop is a wonderful composer, singer, and song writer – No I’m not – I used to be engaged to a song writer, but have never done it myself
  • Jonathan Bishop is a senior at Rosemount High School – No I’m not – I’ve never been to this school. I went to the private school, Wychbury House Residential School

It’s wrong that Google is allowed to get away with spreading these lies about me.

1 thought on “Google Lies”

  1. Um… Mr. (sic) Bishop sir… I’m in the OTHER jonathon bishops band class and google didn’t lie. Mr. Bishop is a GREAT composer and songwriter. Google isn’t talking about YOU necessarily. You’re not the only “Jonathon Bishop” that people talk about. You can’t go telling people that google lied. Mr. Bishop IS a teacher at Freedom Middle School- F.Y.I. Don’t go making judgements about people and DEFINATLY don’t publicly say YOUR comments. Some people REALLY DON’T CARE. Especially ME!!!!!! KEEP YOUR COMMENTS TO YOURSELF!!!!!

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