An Ode to Jean and Fred

You do not care about me,

All you care about, is yourselves,

And the effect I have on you,

Through my publicity.


If you truly loved me,

You would not question me.

Or discourage me from what I do,

Because of your fear,

Of the public’s view of you.


Even if you think you are trying to help,

Of you I can only resent,

Your criticisms I see as attempts to control,

You are slowly destroying my soul,

Causing seizures, self-harm and wanting to through in the towel.


I am who I am and you can’t change me,

No one who has tried has ever succeeded,

No coercion or threats will change my mind,

Only reason and arguments delivered with kind,

You should learn to let me be.


You claim I cause you stress and strife,

Because of my high profile public life,

I will not stop contributing to society,

Just because you want your privacy,

Deal with it, because my media exposure is becoming rife.


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