How to pass the Atos work capacity test – 5 Tips to accurately reflect your disability

Many people are being asked to do an ATOS work capacity test. These are in my view inhuman and degrading treatment because the government lack the guts to put people who have been long-term sick on Jobseekers, becasue they know they will have to pay a ‘disability premium’ in order to be fair, in my view.

I went to a an assessment similar to the ATOS work capacity test when I was on Incapacity Benefit. I also went to a Disability Living Allowance appeal with [Person G]. In both cases I stayed on the benefit and got [Person G] onto DLA.

If you are going to an ATOS work capacity assessment, the basic rule is that while you are there, make sure you as clearly demonstrate your disabilities, as opposed to thinking it is about your showing how much you can’t work. It is actually about them trying to prove you are not disabled.

Here are some tips to ‘passing’ the test:

  1. Say you need a taxi to get to the appointment as you can’t get there on your own
  2. When you get to the building ask for help, such as to get up steps, find directions, etc.
  3. Play dum when they ask you questions. Just switch your brain off as if you learned nothing at school.
  4. If you have an emotional or mental condition talk about the most traumatic events in your life which are most likely to bring you into tears. If you suffer depression express some of the negative self-talk you normally have, especially if it can cause you to inflict distress in your voice or face.
  5. When they ask you do something, do it as if it was your worst ever day, in order to give an accurate reflection of your disability. If you often fall in public fall, if you often get pain when doing something make sure you demonstrate that pain. They will try to get people to sit on a bed to be examined in order to prove their physical disabilities don’t exist.

It is not unethical to demonstrate you as if it was the worst day in your life, even if you are not like that the day you go – you are providing an accurate reflection of your disabilities. It is no different to taking an exam for a qualification where the aim is to show how you meet the criteria. You may just have crammed all the knowledge the day before to get an A* and if you took the exam a week later you would fail. See all the above as no different to cramming for an exam – you need to cover everything in as short a period as possible.

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