Suffering from autism is caused by a sick society

From my point of view, today it should be grossly offensive to say being autistic is either a condition or a disorder. Autistic spectrum condition is now used more than autistic spectrum disorder, which even I used 10 years ago, but things need to move on further.

Being autistic is a social orientation that can be accounted for by someone having above average SQ scores and below average EQ scores. In other words it is a bias towards a certain type of personality.

The only time being autistic equates to ‘suffering from autism‘ is when people in society treat an autistic person less favourably for reasons arising out of their autistic personality traits.

I am calling for so-called autism to be taken out of DSM all together – in the same way homosexuality was. Whilst many autistic people have special educational needs, their autistic personality should not be one of them! It is other people that need to better understand the autistic theory of mind, without thinking their theory of mind is somehow superior!

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