Refuting the existence of deity – a call to physicists

There is something many true Atheists (e.g. Humanists) and Monotheists (e.g. Christians) have in common – both groups “know” whether or not a deity exists.

I have struggled to find a label for my religious state of mind. Like Charles Darwin I have never been a-theist. I was once, like him, an Agnostic, in that I didn’t know whether or not a deity existed. I have certain theological beliefs about how the three Abrahamic texts should be interpreted, but these are separate from my scientific beliefs, though I try to find common ground among the two. So at the moment I think the best title is ‘Non Conformist.

I have a faith – that science will one day be able to prove the existence or non-existence of a deity. I don’t think this deity need necessarily be the one in the Abrahamic texts, as I see the three Testaments as a collection of historical accounts from the time they were written, along with re-purposed folktales, legends, to create myths. The Abrahamic texts provide the ‘best truth’ at the time they were written. Science has evolved, and in my view it should be seeking to refute every claim the Bible makes. Whether by biologists, historians, or physicists, the truth about the world’s history that led to the tales in the Abrahamic texts need to be uncovered.

It is my view that the only way we can prove whether or not a deity of any description exits is through the hypothetico deductive reasoning model. This is where empirical evidence is collected to try to support two alternative hypotheses in order to reject the null hypothesis. These are:

H0 – There is no evidence to prove a deity exists
H1 – There is enough evidence to prove a deity does not exist
H2 – There is enough evidence to prove a deity does exist

At the moment we can only accept H0, as there is not enough evidence to prove either H1 or H2. But I have a challenge for physicists.

Newton said it was gravity that made the world go around, but it was ‘God’ that set it in motion. Scientists do not currently know what gravity is, or what causes is – they only know what it does and where it comes from.

So my challenge to them is try to find out whether what Newton says is true or false. By trying to find out more about gravity and understand what causes it, then it might be possible to prove, or otherwise, the existence of a deity, which may or may not be ‘God.’

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