5 Ways to Avoid Dying from Climate Change

Climate change is going to wipe out most of the human race. The lyric in the ‘Wherever you will go‘ song that says ‘If a great wave shall fall, it shall fall upon us all’ sums up my view on climate change. Climate change wiped out the dinosaurs in my view, where the world flooded and most land animals drowned. The animals that could withstand the wild tides, waves and chaos can be seen among us today. Some land animals have bone structures that could only exist if they evolved from the sea animals that survived from the age of the dinosaurs.

It is therefore my view that the only humans that will survive climate change are those able to take to the waters or skies to avoid it, or otherwise be great land navigators. So I have named 5 ways to do survive this. One of them is not to take to the earth’s caves, where you will be unlikely to survive.

1. Support Trident and Join the Navy

Trident as most people know is a nuclear defence programme where submarines travel in the seas of the UK telling the world that if they attack Britain with nuclear weapons they will be attacked back. This will be a good place to be as there is a strong chance you will survive.

2. Become an Astronaut

Whatever is going on with the planet earth, if you travelling into Space, there is a very good chance you will survive climate change. There are many ancient paintings of space-ships; it might have been that we invented and used them in a previous time before or after the dinosaurs.

3. Choose the right continent

It is accepted today by some, though not all, that at one point in the earth’s history there was a supercontinent that the current continents came from over millions of years. At present, both Australia and India are moving northeast at around 5–6 centimeters each year. So one might want to choose the content that is shifting the least.

4. Choose your friends carefully

You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. At some point after you survive climate change reproduction is necessary. If you are a woman wondering who should ‘go wherever you will go’ (from the above song), then it might be better to pick your gay man-friend than your brother. His DNA is likely to be more diverse.

5. Buy some Alsatians

It is likely that if you survive climate change you will meet other humans who are as unsavoury as they are now. You may even meet dangerous animals. An Alsatian will be a good friend to protect you, and a good companion through your journey. They may even save your baby from being attacked by a fox.


The song I referred to earlier, ‘Wherever you will go,’ contains the lyric partly mentioned earlier,’If I could turn back time, I would go wherever you will go‘ – When climate change starts to hit home, this will be a common thought. People will be separated from their lovers, not knowing whether they are alive or dead. The same with their children, who may be parted from them. Science is like a cancer drug – at present it is unlikely to cure climate change, only give the human race a little longer to live. So, enjoy your lovers and children while you have them, for tomorrow we shall die.


You are deciding who should be trained up to save the human race by going into Space or manning a submarine. Who would you choose and why? Maybe your partner and children, as whatever the future for you, it will probably be better than what we have now. Who knows, you might meet other human survivors, see a dove, or eat fruit. You could compare your experiences with the story of Noah’s Arc, which could be a meme for generations into the future.

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