Why Thatcherism could not halt the lazy ‘socialist’ and ‘capitalist’ free-riders

He who does not work, nor shall he eat. Those who have so much state welfare they don’t need to work are free riders. Those who have inherited so much they don’t need to work are free riders. Those who get more for working less are free riders. Thatcher tried to end the free rider problem with indirect taxes and the community charge – but that is not what the free riders who make up the unsqueezed top and bottom wanted!

As a species haven’t changed in 200,000 years and probably never will, so the system must. Being here not even 1% of the time the planet has existed we are very primitive and have not grown out of being selfish, lazy, greedy, etc. however mad we drive ourselves trying not to be. Our laws exist to help us not be these things we are driven to be.

On that basis *the system* needs to change to encourage the best sides of us to come out and to discourage these bad sides from surfacing. The system is broken and in my lifetime Thatcher and Blair specifically tried to radically change things, leading Major and Brown to pick up the pieces, and in all cases we are left with what we started with – a system that promotes greed, laziness and selfish behaviour.

I have fought the system trying to use it as a hand-up when all the time it is forcing one to have a hand-out. I had to find ways to get work experience without giving up incapacity benefit to finding ways to develop my business without losing financial stability I know it is difficult.

So “he who does not work, nor shall he eat” – If someone is not in education, employment or training, with employment including voluntary work as I managed to get, he should not get benefits. Again, he who does not work, nor shall he eat. If someone is so rich that they are not pro-actively contributing to the economy as a working class person then they should be taxed until they do need to! “He who works should eat today, for tomorrow we shall die“!

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