Is Ben Evans a fascist?

I once had a Facebook friend called Ben Evans, who originated from Llanelli. Ben Evans deleted me as a friend because he said he didn’t want to associate with people who agree with renewing Trident. I told him to delete me because I didn’t want to be associated with people who prefer censorship and free speech to a pluralism of belief.

It is those who I see as morally corrupt hypocrites, like Ben Evans, who disgust me. Ben Evans takes an emotional point of view against the renewal of Trident and does not want to hear the views of anyone who disagrees with him. Ben Evans is in my view therefore a fascist.

My view on why we should renew Trident is quite a simple one – any form of unilateral disarmament will have the effect of putting the country a risk. Without multilateral disarmament then the only option is to stick fully to the terms agreed in the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). That is that we should replace our nuclear warheads until the point that multilateral disarmament is possible.

How ever nice and fluffy Ben Evans wants the world to be, without the human race making itself extinct then we have to accept that we are humans and it is part of our nature to want to harm one another. The only thing that can stop us from harming others is for there to be a disincentive for us to do so. As imperfect as it is, the policy of the UK Government since the 1980s to maintain our nuclear deterrent, based on Mutually Assured Destruction, is the only way to tell other nuclear powers “If you attack us, we will attack you back.

If you think that Ben Evans subjected me to an Internet Death Penalty just for supporting the renewal then maybe it is something about his personality that means he is against it. Could Ben Evans trust himself not to hit fire if he had is finger on the nuclear weapon button? If Ben Evans is not willing to accept one of his Facebook friends as having a different point of view, how could be be trusted to not attack other nations who have a different point of view to him?

I often say that if I was a government minister in Iran that I would want nuclear weapons in order to deter the USA and the State that calls itself Israel from invading. Any government in the world which is at risk from a foreign power would be insane not to want a nuclear deterrent. It would be mad not to have MAD!

In terms of the Iranian situation my view is that there needs to be an Asian Atomic Union. Perhaps starting with Russia, Pakistan and Iran these countries could pool their existing nuclear warheads so not to breach the NPT, but to protect the region from threats of invasion by foreign powers, such as the US, UK and the State that calls itself Israel.

In my view it is only in my view possible to get nuclear disarmament by creating an oligopolistic union of nuclear powers. If there were five nuclear powers, such as NATO, Asia, South America, Africa, and Australasia, which pooled all their nuclear warheads then it would be possible for total disarmament to happen. In the same way having nuclear weapons is based on economics, so the strategy for getting rid of them needs to be.


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