Comments Censored on Amanda Jones Facebook Page

I posted a comment on the Facebook page of Amanda Jones, who is standing for the Liberal Democrats in the Rhondda Ward by-election.

On her ‘Vote Amanda Jones for Rhondda Ward’ page I stated my record in policies relating to the Museum, underneath a post of Amanda Jones photographed at the museum and it was delted.

My comments included  mentioning the face that I secured the support of members of a different party when town councillor for Treforest to have the broken Santa light that is displayed on the side of the museum replaced.

Amanda Jones seems to want to gain public support for initiatives she showed no interesting prior to this election, yet puts censorship before the sort of debate true democrats fight for.

When I was on the town council I co-operated with people of all parties and none to do the best for the town, but it seems pluralism and cooperation are not things that are on Amanda Jones’s agenda.

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