Is Kim Morral immoral?

This is a description for someone called Kim Morral, who trades as ‘Kim M’ on the PeoplePerHour platform:

Kim Morral is an Independent Researcher and Director of Qualitas Research Ltd. Qualitas Research is a research consultancy based in West Yorkshire but operating throughout the UK. The consultancy provides research and evaluation services to voluntary organisations, community groups and public sector agencies and works in partnership with universities and research organisations.

Kim Morral put a job on PeoplePerHour that said this:

We are a small social research consultancy looking for a researcher to potentially work with us from time to time on research projects (when/if opportunities arise). Our existing associates all have postgraduate research qualifications and more than ten years’ experience of research in health, social and educational research.We sometimes receive enquiries for work of a quantitative nature that we would need additional help with. We are looking for an experienced researcher with strong quantitative (statistical) skills to work with us when we have need for additional capacity or expertise. Ideally, we are looking for someone with demonstrable experience of market research and expertise in SROI. Please contact me if you might be interested, have any questions, or you’d like further information. Thank you.

As invited by Kim Morral I sent a proposal for her £20 per hour job giving her some links to my research papers and dissertations and asking her if she wanted to see my full academic CV, which is pages long. This was her response:

Thank you for your bid – however, a couple of others have experience more in line with the work we do. Kind regards.

Kim Morral said this, but she didn’t even ask for my CV! I have over 40 research publications in a wide variety of areas – she has none! She claims to have done research for Leeds Metropolitan University, the National Probation Service, Help the Aged, and now her own firm Qualitas Research Ltd. This is how Qualitas Research Ltd is described on its website:

We provide research and evaluation services to voluntary organisations, community groups and public sector agencies across the UK, and work in partnership with universities and other research organisations.

By research I assume Kim Morral means data crunching, as it can’t be the academically rigourous research I carry out, as after 12 years of experience in “social research” she has no publications! Data crunching might be a big deal to Kim Morral, but for me it is only a small part of the overall research I do. It is a menial task and I would be doing charity by working for her rather than focussing on my own research!

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