Jobs Growth Wales – waste of time?

I went to the Careers Centre in Pontypridd yesterday to ask whether there were any schemes where my social enterprise could provide work experience to young people. They gave be a brochure on a scheme called ‘Jobs Growth Wales.’

I rang the number in the brochure and they gave me some phone numbers of education providers who had ‘allocations’, which is civil servant speak for having the money from the Welsh Government to allow businesses like mine to deliver its promises.

When I contacted one of these providers I was told Louise Akers that they were waiting to hear about how many allocations they were being granted – when the first number I called said they had many! Because my business is based across Wales Louise Akers  said she had to speak to the Welsh Government to see if she could work with my company – the Welsh Government – who had just given us Louise Akers’s phone number!

The Welsh Government is expecting employers like me to take on young people who “don’t have the experience” and they make me go to unnecessary effort to do so.

Why am I and other employers going to take on the risk of employing young people if they Welsh Government go out of their way to make things difficult for us. Either the scheme is running or it is not, they should not waste my time if they do not have the money. It is a lot of risk taking on school leavers without work experience, and I do not take kindly to being messed around when employing young people would be more out of charity to give them a future when I can get skilled labour from India for a lot less cost and risk!

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