Bzzzter! Not a word for Urban Dictionary?

Several weeks ago on the train to Manchester I added the word ‘Bzzzter’ to Urban Dictionary after I found its adjective in an Internet dictionary. This is a version of one I submitted:

A person in an online community, especially within newsgroups, who posts wrong or misleading information, such as rumours, inappropriate advice, or just irrelevant anecdotal experiences.

@A_Total_Novice: Is there some good ski school or learn-to-ski package someone could recommend?

@Dr_Ski: Alta is the area I would suggest. Alta has really great slopes, and a lot of them. I ski there almost every weekend.

@Snow_Pro: Brighton is a good place to learn to ski. That’s where I learned, and I think they offer a special deal for beginners.

@Dr_Ski: Snow_Pro you are such a bzzzter! Brighton’s ski slope closed 10 years ago!

When I submitted ‘Bzzzter’ the response I got from UrbanDictionary was:

“Thanks for your definition of bzzzter!”

Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to not publish it.

When I was entering the word into Urban Dictionary on the train there was this guy looking at my laptop screen making gestures as if he was a teen over-excited at having his first pubic hairs and wanting to tell the world about it.

Call me paranoid, but could he have known someone at UrbanDictionary, whom he maliciously got to disapprove the submission. This does not matter, because the word is in the Dictionary of Cyberculture and the Encyclopedia of Cyberculture, which are more authoritative I would argue.


I send the following definition to Urban Dictionary on 12 October 2013 after trying it a few times previous:

bzzzter: Someone on the Internet who posts misinformation to a website

Example: I asked on the pub guide forum where the best local pub is and when I got to the one they suggested it was boarded up! They’re complete bzzzters!

Whenever the word comes to mind and I am on the Internet I am going to keep entering it into Urban Dictionary until it is accepted as I believe it has not been accepted out of malice as there is nothing in it that breaches Urban Dictionary’s rules. In the meantime any reference to ‘Urban Dictionary’ on any of the websites under my control will be removed within the exception of this post.


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