Something fishy about Claire Hardaker’s review

Claire Hardaker, a linguistics expert with a special interest in Internet trolling, wrote a review of social media in 2013 entitled, “The catfish, spies and regulators who changed social media.”

One of the events Claire Hardaker spoke about was the Defamation Act 2013, which is clearly outside her expertise. Whilst she is correct that it is unlikely Sally Bercow would have lost her case had this Act been in force – as I said in my Westlaw Insight article early last year – the important fact that the Act did not come in until New Years Day this year was an unfortunate error. Users of Westlaw Insight can now get a full analysis of the impacts of this Act on Internet trolling, which is peer-reviewed by other experts.

Claire Hardaker rose to fame after appearing on the This Morning programme to speak about rape following the Caroline Criado Perez affair. I was scheduled to do this spot but was telephoned at the last minute to be told I was not needed because they “had a woman.” Hardaker researches misogyny yet was happy to take the seat on this morning for the sole reason that she was a woman with an interest in Internet trolling. I much prefer women icons such as Salma Yaqoob, who speaks as much for the rights of men as the rights of women.

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