Filippo Salustri Defamation

I challenged a person on a JISC newslist for spreading misinformation about a colleague’s conference, which has been sabotaged by an Internet troll. This then led to a string of offensive comments, including by Filippo Salustri.

Filippo Salustri presented a whole list of hyperlinks to try to discredit me. This newslist was called ‘PHD-DESIGN’ so I can only assume Filippo Salustri expects the people on there to have an entry level CV like he has.

This was one of the comments made by Filippo Salustri about me:

Also, Bishop does seem to have at least 1 publication (2) in the Intl J of Web Based Communities by Inderscience; the journal appears to have an H index of 8 (3).

I am not sure what I am most offended about. The insinuation that I only have one publication, or the one that IJWBC does not have a high impact factor. Filippo Salustri made the following conclusion:

I draw the following conclusion: Jonathan Bishop is probably an unreliable source of information.

I would say more to the point that Filippo Salustri is an unreliable source of information on me! As a test of reliability, I ask that readers of this article compare the self-compiled publication lists of both myself and Filippo Salustri on ResearchGate:

You can see that the vast majority of Filippo Salustri’s publications are at conferences. Unlike me he has no books, of which I currently have 3, all with a leading publisher. Perhaps he has more experience of fake conferences than he lets on?

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