Have terrorists apprehended Flight 370?

Everyone had their own opinion on what has happened to Flight 370. After reading this article giving convincing facts on the situation, mine is that there is terrorist involvement.

When I was a member of the Labour Party, the agent for Assembly Member Jane Davidson, namely Nick Wall, gave a very convincing argument against ID cards. He said that the criminals are always one ahead in terms of compromising technology and the existence of ID cards would give a false sense of security.

My view therefore is that Flight 360 has been apprehended by terrorists and is in a nearby country being prepared for an attack more severe than 9/11. That nearby country is probably Pakistan.

The design of Boeing’s planes are known to all and terrorists will have found a work around to its security measures, as there will be nothing stopping Ji’hads attacking America and its allies until a peace settlement is found for the Middle East Peace Crisis, of which 9/11 was just one attempt to tell the US Government its support of Israel’s terrorisation of the Palestinians would not be tolerated.

13 years since 9/11 in this 3000 year old war is enough time for a compromise to the post 9/11 measures, such as securing off cabins and black box technologies to be found. That fact that there are no floating parts suggest the article above is right that the plane has not crashed or been destroyed, but has vanished – as I say it is my view it is in the hands of terrorists.

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