My new thoughts on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

It has been shown that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was finally seen in the Indian Ocean, not too far from the west coast of Australia.

Assuming the plane is not still missing, my current views are the following:

  • It was apprehended by Al-Qaeda and was en route for New South Wales where two sister cities for New York are located.
    • Wauchope, New South Wales; or
    • Nimbin, New South Wales.
  • The reason it became lost was because it ran out of fuel.

The reasons for these are:

  • Al-Qaeda have as their mission to bomb every city in the world that is a sister city of New York. This is because Ji’hads seek to send a message to the US Goverment and their allies that the US support of Israel’s terrorisation of the Palestinians will not be tolerated.
    • Even though the US is now starting to challenge Netanyahou’s Israel there will be no going back for some Ji’hads who would have spent years planning the act.
  • Poor planning meant they were not able to take flight HM370 to their target destination because it ran out of fuel. Al-Qaeda would not claim credit for a failed operation.

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