Are you saying I’m fat?

A friend, or maybe former friend, once asked me after a diet if I thought she was fat, and my honest answer was “yes!”

Why she took my comment to heart I don’t understand – she doesn’t care for anything else I say!

Like many men I read Nuts and Zoo – but as a media studies graduate I can also read it in otherwise. The women in these magazines are not fat – but only after significant Photoshopping. I in fact support the campaign to have a symbol put on the photos signifying that they have been Photoshopped. I also support the campaign to have these magazines put in ‘modesty bags’ along with women’s fashion magazines so that they are out of the eyes of children while still accessible to those who want to buy them.

Women can never win – even if they are a size 10 with ‘baby fat’ (like my friend/former friend) they are still seen as ‘fat.’ If they are an athlete with a toned tummy that is also not visually pleasing. So they should simple ignore what others say about their weight and just be happy with who they are.

A friend, or so-called friend, said I was ‘fat’ the other day, yet has not seen me in 12 years. By my standards I am fat, even if compared to most other people in managerial jobs I know I could be thought of as skinny!

For me, any man who is not athletic or otherwise toned is fat, so by my standards I am ‘fat’! To me, my mind is more important than my body, as I do not feel I exist to impress others physically, but I would like to be fitter if it can improve my productivity. I am eating what I think is a balanced diet – just need to exercise more.

So in essence people should not care about what others think of their weight, or indeed what they think of their own weight. If one aspires to be perfect, either one will become narcissistic, suffer from depression, or some other disorder, such as anorexia in the case of weight. One should focus on what one is good at rather than what one is deficit in – this is what I decided to do some years ago (i.e. making use of the strengths associated with being autistic) and my publication record now speaks for itself.

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