Review of Pila Pala Coffee Shop

I visited the Pila Pala Coffee Shop on a number of occasions since it opened in 2011, but even though they offer a good range of products the attitude of the staff and their customer service is appalling. I went there once to have soup, and it was cold at the bottom.

The next time I ordered it on a different occasion, it was fine, so I said this to the member of staff behind the counter, mentioning the problem before. She said, “which soup was that?” and I said, “The pea soup,” she said, “we don’t do pea soup,” and then she became confrontational when I disagreed.

After speaking to the manager of Pila Pala Coffee Shop, Brian, I was satisfied that I must have been mistaken, even though I still remember it being pea soup! After going into the cafe today to have a tea and flapjack – they do have a very nice selection of teas and cakes, and the seating areas are well kept, bright and spacious – I casually mentioned to the manager about last time, saying that the only reason I came back to Pila Pala Coffee Shop was because I sympathised with his position as a business man in finding the right staff.

He yelled at me, “YOU’VE COME IN HERE FOR AN ARGUMENT HAVEN’T YOU.” I gestured FFS out of exasperation and left, and will never be going back to Pila Pala Coffee Shop. Brian seems to care about about his abusive staff than keeping customers who want to buy from his cafe happy. Even though the cafe is in a good spot – right by the bus stop I get off at – I will not be visiting Pila Pala Coffee Shop again, however good their tea and cakes are!

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  1. Pili Pala Coffee Shop are regularly praised by our customers on our friendly customer service and would welcome anyone to come and try for themselves.

    Brian’s sandwiches with an optional free relish which come with crisps and fruit are a must try along with our home made sweet potato soup. (sorry we don’t have a recipe for pea soup and definitely don’t make it)

    Warning— your soup will go cold if you take an hour to eat it because you are relaxing and using the internet! But that’s ok just let us know and we will heat it up for you again.

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